About me

Welcome to ‘The Aeronaut’.

In this page I share with you my journey in the world of aviation.

I always loved planes, just like most of the pilots out there. As soon as I got the first short job contract that could pay for my flying lessons, I started my training. Today, I fly privately and I fell in love even more with aviation.

After years, I am still asking myself what it is that I love so much about flying. I don’t have a conclusive answer yet. It could be the feeling of accomplishment when you land a plane in the smoothest possible way, or it could be the privileged seat you have as a pilot in front of the incredible show of nature. As I said, I am still looking for an answer and I am happy to share my thoughts on this with you.

I don’t write about planes only, but also of literature, movies and anything I feel somehow related to the world of aviation.

Finally, I consider everyone with whom I share the sky is a friend for me and I look forward to getting to know you.